"I never felt totally myself being monogamous."

—Veronica Willow


VERONICA WILLOW  is a well-known New York City blogger who writes about her sex life, even though she would prefer to be recognized as a serious writer. Independent, confident, sexy and free, Veronica seems to have it all: a girlfriend Joanne, a Mexican lover Pedro, an array of intriguing friends and strangers she enjoys at sex parties. Until she meets Daniel, a handsome real estate agent­—who would much rather be a chef—and in a happier marriage. Veronica is intrigued by his innocence and curiosity; he is drawn to her sexual freedom. Seduced by the challenge of a “monogamous straight guy”, Veronica pursues him, and though hesitant at first, he can’t resist diving into a ravenous affair. 


After Daniel separates from his wife and Veronica's other relationships end, Veronica encourages Daniel to date her spiritual hedonist friend Maya. As Daniel and Maya’s relationship deepens, the situation triggers unexpected jealousy and distrust in Veronica. She tries to maintain her principles as she attempts to cultivate a triad relationship with Daniel and Maya, but her heart and identity get turned inside out.

Where is the line between emotional attachment and sexual freedom?

Lust Life is not only a sex-positive, polyamorous film based on the writer’s personal experiences – it’s a nuanced exploration of contemporary relationships. By placing raw characters in a stylish world of hedonistic parties and negotiated intimacy, Lust Life will not only show people what it is to be poly – for an hour and a half, they will inhabit the world of Veronica Willow. 


Lust Lifeis an authentic movie about alternative sex and polyamory, featuring a strong female protagonist and an incredibly diverse cast. In the midst of the #metoo / #timesup movement, it's time for filmgoers to see a sexually empowered female protagonist on screen, in an unapologetic story about sex and love, told through a female lens.