"I never felt totally myself being monogamous."

—Veronica Willow


VERONICA WILLOW is a well-known New York City blogger who writes about her polyamorous sex life. Independent, confident, sexy and free, Veronica seems to have it all: a girlfriend JOANNE, a Mexican lover PEDRO, an array of friends and strangers she enjoys at sex parties. Until she meets DANIEL, a handsome, married, monogamous realtor who would much rather be a chef. She is intrigued by his innocence and curiosity, and he is drawn to her sexual freedom. Veronica pursues him, and though he is resistant they quickly become sexually involved.

What starts out as an exciting no-strings-attached new relationship soon gets complicated, especially when Veronica encourages Daniel to date her poly friend MAYA. As Daniel and Maya’s relationship deepens, the situation triggers unexpected jealousy and distrust in Veronica. Veronica tries to maintain her principles, but her heart and identity get turned inside out even as she continues to play the careless libertine.

As Veronica’s desire for control threatens to destroy the great love of her life, it nearly destroys her along with it.


Welcome to one of the most provocative and timely films of 2018. 

Lust Life is not just a groundbreaking project – a sex-positive, polyamorous film based on the writer’s personal experiences – it’s a nuanced exploration of contemporary relationships.  By placing raw characters in a stylish world of hedonistic parties and negotiated intimacy, Lust Life will not only show people what it is to be poly, for an hour and a half they will inhabit the world and heart of Veronica Willow as played by her creator Stephanie Sellars.