Triple Date

“That seems easy enough,” Juna says.

Kali squeezes his hand and smiles.

“Just don’t put anything in my ass,” I say.

Kali laughs. “I love how direct you are!”

“I’m not opposed to it generally, but tonight I’d rather not.”

“Can I spank your ass?” Juna asks.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 1.03.31 AM.png

“Sure. Would you like to spank me now?”

“Yeeeesssss!” He is as giddy as a boy feeling up a girl up for the first time.

I turn around and bend over with my hands on my knees. He gives me a little spank.

“Aw that’s just a little tap. Go for it. I can handle it.”

He hits me harder but it’s still way below my threshold. He spanks me several times at the same level.

“May I?” Kali asks.


She pats my other cheek. They spank me a few more times and stroke my legs and Juna’s hands slide up my dress. He makes an “oooh” sound when he feels the garters. Soon the dress is off and I kiss Kali and she kisses me and Juna kisses me and she kisses him and I kiss her neck while he kisses her lips. Then Kali’s shoulders are bare. And Juna’s hard-on is pressing against his pants. And it progresses from there as these things do… after the initial awkwardness it flows. We flow to the bed. They are naked. I keep my stockings and garter on because there’s no reason to take them off. I feel sexier with a little something on. Besides I’ve always loved the vintage look. And I know they appreciate it.

“Those garters!” Kali squeals.

Juna and I gaze at each other. I play the part. He is amazed. Of course. He’s living a sexual fantasy for the first time. Who would not be amazed at a fantasy coming true? I try to match his amazement, though I’ve been doing this sort of thing for at least seven years now. There are only so many times one can be amazed in a threesome. I try to focus on the little things. He has beautiful feminine doe eyes. She’s on his other side, looking at us looking at each other. It amazes me that they are so excited. That I’m responsible for their desire right now. For a long time the focus is on me. She changes her mind about the penetration. She wants to watch. She plays with me while I ride him. She kisses my breasts and I knead hers. I am turned on by the contrast between her pendulous heavy curves and my petiteness. And his cock feels so right.

I move in the way I know how to make myself cum, and when I’m close I hook my fingers in his mouth and imagine Pedro’s sculpted torso and Joanne’s flicking tongue and when it starts to pulse I pull Kali’s hair and kiss her with abandon. I’m in ecstasy as my climax erases all thought and I’m fully present with this couple I hardly know. In the end, I’m still amazed that three people can come together in mutual desire and not fall apart. In the end, I’m still amazed that three people can come together in mutual desire and not fall apart.


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